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Welcome! My name is Matthew Green. I write about faith, history, politics, and many other important topics on this blog. I ultimately hope to point others to a relationship with Jesus and a Gospel centered life.

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My Response to Apathy: Thoughts on the Capitol Riots and Christian Nationalism

Over a week ago now, the Capitol was attacked by rioters. Watching Trump supporters almost literally walk straight into the Capitol gave me a multitude of emotions: shock, frustration, rage, hopelessness, discouragement. I saw an almost entirely white group of supporters moved to violence and ultimately, people would lose their lives. I saw rioters, manyContinue reading “My Response to Apathy: Thoughts on the Capitol Riots and Christian Nationalism”


There is something so sweet about gifts. When we receive them, we feel loved, appreciated, and seen. When we give them, we feel a sense of satisfaction as we share our love not just in words, but in actions. The person receiving the gift may never reciprocate the same type of love and they canContinue reading “Freely”

God All Around Us

Look up. The clouds move ever so slowly and the waters of the sky stand still. The cloud and skies come together in a beautiful symphony of colors and shapes: blue, yellow, purple, small, large and wide. The Sun shines down mighty beams of light that blind even the strongest of eyes. Look closely. EveryContinue reading “God All Around Us”

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