Six Ways the Lord Comforts Us

Just over 2 years ago, I had ankle reconstruction surgery. Those who have been through surgery know the toil that it can take on not only your physical health, but your mental/emotional health. I was trapped in my bed all day long with no way to escape. I couldn’t even take a shower without dressingContinue reading “Six Ways the Lord Comforts Us”

The Stumbling Block of the Cross

Have you ever felt inadequate? I know I have. The sense that what you’ve done is not good enough and you’re hopelessly under expectations. Or that where you’ve been placed now is something you didn’t earn. With that always comes a sense of shame that not only what you’ve done isn’t good enough, but youContinue reading “The Stumbling Block of the Cross”

The Just and the Justifier

Our nation is built on a system of laws. When people break those laws they receive punishment and there is retribution or payment. Within a perfect system, guilty people serve a just sentence and repay what they’ve taken from society. Obviously, our nation is proof that sin has a huge impact on how people judgeContinue reading “The Just and the Justifier”

The Perseverance of the Early Black Church

The black church is the greatest show of perseverance in Christ that we have seen in America. The very belief system that was twisted to prove their inferiority and command their submission to tyranny brought faith, hope, and love. The image of Christ displayed by slaveholders was cruel and unbiblical, turning black people into “beastsContinue reading “The Perseverance of the Early Black Church”

My Response to Apathy: Thoughts on the Capitol Riots and Christian Nationalism

Over a week ago now, the Capitol was attacked by rioters. Watching Trump supporters almost literally walk straight into the Capitol gave me a multitude of emotions: shock, frustration, rage, hopelessness, discouragement. I saw an almost entirely white group of supporters moved to violence and ultimately, people would lose their lives. I saw rioters, manyContinue reading “My Response to Apathy: Thoughts on the Capitol Riots and Christian Nationalism”