Late Summer-fall 2019 :

Why Canadian singer-songwriter wants kids to put down their phones and make a connection

The Canadian singer rethought her relationship with social media — and wants others to do the same

Canadian singer-songwriter [R&B artist] Jully Black says the death of her mother forced her to re-examine her priorities, including the amount of time she spends online. “I say my mom’s last breath became my first breath, and so [now] I take time to breathe and really feel the ground under my feet,” said Black.

Part of that was making the time she spends online more meaningful.

A few years ago, she took four months off all social media [digital detox], after she felt that social media was “mastering” her. When she went back online, she unfollowed 5,000 people on her social media accounts, and poured the time she regained into focusing on health and nutrition.  Now she’s trying to help young people do the same.

Black is the spokesperson for the 2019 campaign Unplug to Connect, which asks young people to put down their devices for at least one hour a day and focus on the people around them IRL (“in real life,” for those unversed in internet lingo). 

Black thinks our focus on our devices can prevent us from forming meaningful connections, and worries that kids who are growing up in the digital age are missing out. 

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Note: Jully’s passion for philanthropy has taken her to the shantytowns of Bangladesh to the villages of South Africa, and all across Canada. As a woman of faith, she champions important causes and believes in using her career as a platform to inspire others to celebrate the greatness that lies within each of us. 

Dubbed “Canada’s Queen of R&B Soul” by her fans and peers, and named by CBC Music as one of “The 25 Greatest Canadian Singers Ever,” Jully Black is a true Canadian Icon. She has been nominated for multiple Geminis and is a major presence in the Canadian media and entertainment industry. As former host and media correspondent for CTV’s etalk, Jully was chosen to interview global megastars such as Jay-Z, Oprah Winfrey, and former president Bill Clinton. She has also appeared in films, television, and in theatre.  (from 2.13.18)